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Introducing a new way to keep hands clean in the workplace

10 June 2020

Jennie Hollingsworth

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the way we’ll wash our hands for the rest of our lives. People of all ages have become hyperaware of the link between handwashing and the spread of germs.

The traditional soap and water method of handwashing works perfectly in the home. However, due to social distancing and different working environments, it isn’t always easy to do in the workplace.

We touch hundreds of objects every day, mostly without thinking. With this is mind, how can we ensure our hands are clean without rushing to the nearest sink every five minutes?

A new sanitiser, for a new normal

The hygiene experts at phs Direct have developed a new product to make hand cleaning as fuss- free as possible.

The single-use 1.5ml Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Sachet is designed to be used when bottled sanitisers are not a convenient option.

The size of the sachets, a compact 60mm, means they are perfect for keeping in pockets, desk tidy’s, or toolboxes. They could also be kept in reception areas to offer visitors and contractors.

The 70% alcohol content of the sachets from phs Direct, means they can instantly disinfect hands and reduce the risk of spreading germs. By placing them in areas with heavy footfall, businesses can avoid the need for a shared hand sanitiser pump that would itself need frequent cleaning.

What about surface cleaning?

It’s not just hands that need to be kept clean. Our desks, computers, tools, and steering wheels, all need to be wiped down if we want to reduce the spread of infection.

Research by the World Health Organisation (WHO) found that when a person with COVID-19 coughs or exhales, infected fluid droplets land on nearby surfaces. To reduce the risk of the disease spreading, WHO recommends that workplace surfaces are regularly disinfected.


phs Direct supply multi-purpose Alcohol Hand & Surface Wipe Sachets that reduce the need for employees to carry several different cleaning products at once. Each wipe comes in an individual sachet and contains 70% alcohol. They are ideal for use in all workplaces, from building sites to corner shops.


Soap vs Hand Sanitiser

There’s no competition between soap and hand sanitiser when it comes to killing bacteria. They both allow us to reduce the risk of spreading infection via our hands.  The main difference between the two is simple, soap needs water and hand sanitiser doesn’t.

COVID-19 particles are surrounded by a fatty outer layer. Both traditional soap and alcohol-based hand sanitiser work in a similar way to dissolve this fatty layer and inactivate the virus.

Hand sanitiser is just a convenient option when you don’t have access to a washroom. It’s perfect for people who are on-the-go, ideal for use on public transport or within the workplace.

Alcohol Hand & Surface Wipe Sachets and 1.5ml Alcohol Sanitiser Sachets, are available to buy in bulk from
phs Direct.

phs Direct can accommodate all your hygiene and cleaning needs, supplying washroom consumable products including Nitrile disposable gloves, cleaning products, paper towels, hand washing dispensers, and air sanitisers.