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Take Preventative Action To Avoid A Second Wave

03 August 2020

Jennie Hollingsworth

Take Preventative Action To Avoid A Second Wave

With face coverings becoming mandatory in English shops from July 24th, now is the right time to stock up on face coverings and masks, along with appropriate PPE and cleaning consumables.

A proactive approach is always better than a reactive one.  By introducing preventative safety measures sooner rather than later, businesses can help prevent a second wave of Covid-19 from taking the UK into a Winter lockdown.

Should my business implement mandatory face masks?

Evidence shows that Covid-19 is an active airbourne virus, spreading via small and large droplets. This means we now have a good understanding of what products can kill and help to reduce the spread of the virus.

UK Guidance recommends that the general public use face coverings or masks on public transport, in shops, and in confined or crowded environments. The wearing of face masks, in areas where it can be difficult to maintain distancing, should be combined with good hand hygiene practice to ensure a safe indoor environment. 

As of 22nd July 2020, mandatory rules for wearing masks around the UK are:






From 24th July

Northern Ireland







From 27th July



What preventative products are most suitable for my business?
To help support business during the coronavirus pandemic, phs Direct offer a wide range of PPE and cleaning consumables. Our team of hygiene experts highly recommend the following preventative products:

KN95 MedaMask

Five-layer close fitting KN95 face masks, available in packs of 10. These face masks offer high droplet retention and over 99% particle retention. Compliant as PPE equipment, due to being verified against EN 149 and approved to the European Standard.

3ply Disposable Face Covering 

High quality 3-Ply face masks, available in packs of 50. This comfortable mask is ideal for reducing the transmission of viruses and bacteria.  This mask is to be used as a face covering, rather than as PPE equipment.

Hand Sanitiser
From individual sachets and bottles, to bulk hand sanitiser for dispenser top ups, we offer a wide range of sanitising products to suit the footfall of your business.

Janitorial Supplies and Disposable PPE
Our wide range of janitorial supplies includes everything from cleaning chemicals to paper products.
Alongside our janitorial supplies we also stock protective workwear such as disposable gloves, aprons and face masks. 

phs Direct can work with your business to ensure you receive the right products, at the right time.

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