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Washroom Essentials

03 January 2020

Jennie Hollingsworth

What makes a great washroom?

Your washroom says more about your organisation than you realise. It speaks volumes to your staff and visitors about how your organisation is run and how it treats people.

Providing a clean, hygienic and well-equipped washroom is a positive reflection on your organisation and its values.

Ensuring that you meet people’s basic human needs is not only your legal duty of care, it shows a commitment to people, reassuring them that your organisation cares and that they are welcome at your premises.

Keep it fresh

The first thing visitors notice about a washroom is its smell. An unpleasant odour creates an instant bad impression and may put visitors off altogether. Bad smells can also mean your washroom is harbouring dangerous germs.

phs Direct offers a range of air care products to keep your washroom smelling hygienically clean at all times, creating a great first impression.

Our revolutionary air freshening and sterilisation systems ensure your washroom stays odour-free, whatever its size, by destroying bad smells, not just masking them. They also tackle bacteria and viruses commonly found in the air in washrooms, including flu and E.Coli, killing them instantly to provide a hygienic, safe environment for everyone.

Toilet tissue and dispensers

Ensuring you have a plentiful supply of good quality toilet tissue is essential for any washroom. Visitors will feel reassured that you are organised and prepared for them.

We ensure you are always well-stocked and ready, no matter how busy your washroom. We offer bulk packs and mini and maxi jumbo rolls, as well as standard sizes from well-known, quality brands.

We also offer toilet tissue dispensers in different shapes and sizes to suit any cubicle - a hygienic option that helps to reduce waste and usage and keeps cubicles neat and tidy.

Soap dispensers

Did you know that the average office worker’s hands come into contact with 10 million bacteria every day? Good hand-washing facilities will ensure that your washroom and the working environment stays hygienically clean, reducing the risk of illness.

No-one likes being faced with a washroom with no soap. Our range of liquid soaps and soap dispensers will ensure your visitors’ hands are hygienically clean, reducing the risk of infection in your premises and keeping your sink areas clean, dry and clutter-free.

Hand drying

It is equally as important that visitors have adequate hand-drying facilities available to them as germs can still spread from wet hands. Providing paper or roller towels to visitors will ensure your washroom remains clean and your floors safe and dry. We offer a choice of hand towel dispensers for every budget and washroom size, as well as roll or single sheet towels to suit your capacity and usage.

Meeting visitors’ needs

It’s important to recognise your visitors’ basic human needs in your washrooms. From providing sanitary products and deodorants to medicines and nappies, phs Direct consumables will ensure a level of convenience and peace-of-mind that will impress visitors. 

Keeping it clean

Ensuring your washroom remains clean, safe and hygienic for visitors is your duty of care. We provide our customers with a complete cleaning supplies and equipment solution, including all chemical products and janitorial equipment such as mops, scrubbers and cleaning pads to keep your toilets, sinks and floors sparkling clean and germ-free.

Why use phs Direct?

phs Direct is the single supplier solution you need to ensure your washrooms are hygienic, clean and well-equipped at all times.

  • Uses a range of suppliers to ensure low costs
  • A wide range of products and supplies
  • Forecast reordering to ensure suppliers never run low
  • 48-hour delivery