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We Are By Your Side

22 April 2020

Jennie Hollingsworth

By your side and open for business

Life feels like a bit of a challenge for us all right now. So many changes and questions unanswered. We all feel like we’re anxiously treading water, not sure if what we’re doing is right for us, our families and our businesses.

But there’s one thing we do know for certain. Maintaining good hygiene standards will help keep coronavirus away, and that’s a fact. By now we should all be practising good hand hygiene, as advised by the NHS. But we also need to make sure we are as rigorous with our cleaning routine around the workplace as we are with our personal hygiene, and this is where phs can help.

Open for business - we’ve got it covered

At phs, we have a large, mobilised workforce, ready to offer protection to any business looking to eradicate the threat of coronavirus. We have the largest selection of products, along with a large population of drivers, ready to safely deliver cleaning products and janitorial supplies to your doorstep. To ensure you’re protected against any virus, we supply all of the cleaning chemical products required to maintain your workplace, covering washroom cleaning, floorcare, kitchen, housekeeping and laundry, as well as all your soap and hand care products. 

We’ve been providing paper and wiping products to organisations, private and public sector clients of all sizes since 1963, so we know what we’re doing. We provide a comprehensive range of consumables from toilet paper and hand towels, to wipes and dispensers and hygiene rolls to industrial products.

In line with our complete building solution for all your workplace consumable needs, we can also provide the janitorial equipment and ancillary products your personnel need to carry out their cleaning and maintenance jobs safely. Every aspect of janitorial equipment is covered, from mops, brushes and brooms, vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers, cleaning cloths, wipes and scouring pads. In waste disposal, we provide all types of bins, sacks and bags, from general to hygiene waste.

Safe and simple ordering

And in case you didn’t know, you can now order your consumables quickly and safely online.