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Conc Fabric Softener 10 Litre

Code: BC1886

Conc Fabric Softener 10 Litre


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Product description

A concentrated fabric softening liquid specially formulated for use in commercial and on-premise laundries. Suitable for application on most types of fabric and can be manually or auto-dosed. Excellent softening of many types of fabric (towels, sheets, wool, delicate articles etc.). Leaves a smooth, silky feel on woven or flat knitted fabric. Contains a perfume which leaves a pleasant smell on fabric. Prevents build-up of static electricity on synthetic fabrics. Contains cationic surfactant to assist ironing/ calendaring.

Product specification

Colour Purple
Container Size 10000 ml
Container Type Bulk Fill
Manufacturer Ref PHSX11F/E
UOS Per Pallet 50

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