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Granular Salt 25Kg

Code: 109335

Granular Salt 25Kg


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Product description

For use in water softeners


Available in granular form

When used in combination with a water softener the following benefits are obtained:

- Prevents the formation of hard water limescale

- Increased efficiency of water using appliances

- Decreased level of detergents and descalers required

- Increased economy and performance of operation


Granulated salt available in convenient sacks for use with a water softener

Water softener technology

Fitting a water softener is the easiest and most convenient way to eliminate hard water. A water softener works by removing the calcium and magnesium from the water. It does this by passing the hard water through a cylinder containing an ion exchange resin in the form of millions of tiny beads. The resin attracts and exchanges the hardness minerals in the water. The resin is automatically cleaned or ‘regenerated’ by rinsing a small amount of brine (salt water) through the cylinder. The used brine, containing accumulated hardness does not enter the water system - it is flushed harmlessly away. Refreshed by the regeneration, the resin is again ready to remove hardness minerals. All that is required is to occasionally add salt to allow the resin to regenerate.


Product specification

Brand Unbranded
Dimensions 100 x 520 x 360 mm
Qty Per UOS 1
UOS Per Pallet 49