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Nora Mini Bundle - 2 x Mini Reusable pads & 1 x Out and About Bag (Bag design may vary)

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Nora Mini Bundle - 2 x Mini Reusable pads & 1 x Out and About Bag (Bag design may vary)


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Product description

Mini Nora pads from Bloom & Nora make it easy and appealing to switch to reusable sanitary pads. It’s the best way to reduce consumption of single use period plastics!


Small and dainty but without compromise on functionality, Mini Nora pads are perfect for light days or flows. Comfortable and sweat free, they are also discreet under clothing and available in 4 pretty prints.

When it’s time to change, pop them in an Out & About bag and store until it’s time to wash.

Pads should be changed approx every 4 hours depending on flow.


  • Contoured slim fit
  • Stay dry interior
  • Stain repellent
  • Soft waterproof exterior made from 100% recycled PUL
  • Popper tabs to keep in place
  • Easy to wash & quick to dry
  • Oeko-tex certified
  • Made in the UK
  • Upper- 100% Brush Nylon
  • Core – 100%  Polyester Microfiber
  • Base - 100% Polyester & PU Laminate


  • Length 21cm (approx.), holds up to 40ml.
  • 100% polyester. Waterproof exterior made from recycled PET

Instructions of use:

Rinse in cold water after use for best results

No bleach, Wash 60, Tumble Cool, Do not iron

Environmental Information 

Fibre content is as follows (not ingredients as such as it is apparel):

Upper surface                                   = 100% nylon

Absorbent inner core                     = 100% polyester towelling

Waterproof outer                            = 100% recycled polyester with polyurethane membrane

Regarding the environmental benefits one of the key things to say is that reusable sanitary products have far less environmental impact than their single use counterparts - this is the case whether the disposable product is standard or so called eco as the same amount of raw material is used and also similar manufacturing methods. Whilst the world is very focused on single use plastics and waste, the real issue is actually over consumption of finite resource in the form of both energy and materials - whether the materials are synthetic, man-made or natural is almost irrelevant. Bio degradability and industrial composting are also red herrings as we do not have the infrastructure to do it and it also requires high levels of energy etc. to do the processing. Ultimately the majority of single use sanitary products (just like disposable nappies) end up in landfill, incinerators or as contaminants in regular household recycling. 

  1. By opting to use reusable sanitary pads as opposed to single use one’s women will consume over 98% less raw materials during their menstrual life.
  2. The outer fabric on our pads is made using 100% recycled polyester. The base material for this is used plastic water bottles, preventing at least some of that waste ending up in landfill or worse our oceans.
  3. The Environment Agency conducted a lifecycle analysis comparing the carbon footprint of reusable and disposable nappies. The report concluded that reusables are up to 40% better for the environment than disposables in terms of carbon footprint. It is worth noting that whilst the report assessed reusables right through life including all the washing and drying, it only assessed disposables up to the point of purchase. The impact of disposables is therefore much worse, as one would need to add in the carbon footprint of waste collection, disposal and also the impacts of emissions from landfill. Whilst this report was about nappies it will be a similar story for the menstrual products as the material usage and manufacturing processes are so similar.