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Velocity Cartridge for waterfree Urinal

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Velocity Cartridge for waterfree Urinal


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Product description

The Velocity Cartridge is the heart and soul of Falcon's Waterfree Urinals. These cartridges utilise multiple unique design patents to provide safe, long lasting, low odour performance, while saving up to an average of more than 40,000 gallons of water every year. Since it's introduction, there have been several improvements incorporated into the design based on feedback from customers. The latest design follows the same path and includes 6 all-new patent pending features to provide the best performance ever. 


  • Reduces Splash Back - An integrated diverter shield reduces splashing while helping prevent debris from entering the cartridge.
  • Cues You When To Replace - Our self-monitoring indicator provides you with a visual signal that helps you know when it is ready to be changed, making maintenance easier. 
  • Reduces Restroom Odours - Our patented cartridge helps keep your restroom virtually odour-free by reducing the area where bacteria can grow. 
  • Retains sealant better - Our interior baffle allows the cartridge to retain its sealant barrier even under the most challenging maintenance practices. 
  • Keeps Pipes And Housing Cleaner - Our patent-pending anti-splash pour spout utilises speed and direction to streamline urine through your pipes and help keep your housing and drain cleaner. 
  • Greener Footprint - Our Velocity cartridge boasts all of these features while using 20% less plastic than previous models. 


The Falcon Velocity cartridge replaces older Falcon Cartridge types and a genuine original manufacturer’s replacement for all Falcon and Aridian Waterless Urinals.

Each pack Includes one waterless refill cartridge, a sachet of sealant, a cartridge removal key and a disposal bag for safe, sanitary disposal of your old cartridge.

Replacement Cartridge Kits include:

• Sealed cartridge
• Diverter shield
• Installation key
• Pre-measured liquid sealant pack
• Disposal bag
• Plastic gloves
• Instruction sheet

Product specification

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