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Catering Food Supplies Essentials

22 June 2022

Jennie Hollingsworth

What can phs offer you to support your catering supplies needs?

Catering supplies can be essential for any number of businesses: large or small, exciting start-up venture or well-established enterprise. At phs, we know that our clients need the best in everything when it comes to catering essentials: so, from sustainable paper straws to top-of-the-range dishwasher soaps, we’ve got you covered!

Whether it’s a wedding, an office party, a charity event or a business conference, now that the world is getting back into the swing of things, there are plenty of regular and one-off events back up and running, and phs are here to support our clients as the world returns to normal, providing what you need when you need it most.

We’re here to make sure the catering areas of our customers' businesses hit those all-important goals to make events run more smoothly than ever. With products from kitchen roll to disposable cups, we’ve got the basics covered for you—leaving you reassured and free to focus on the more time-sensitive aspects of your catering service, business event, celebration or office party!

What really is essential when it comes to catering food supplies?

In a world where hygiene has never been more of a focus for all of us, it can be a challenge for businesses in the catering industry—or businesses with occasional catering needs—to make sure they’ve got every box ticked. So, what really is essential when it comes to catering supplies?

phs has everything our clients need when it comes to excellent hygiene standards in catering—even meeting those all-important bathroom hygiene needs:

  • Catering supply essentials:
    • Disposable cups and straws
    • Napkins
    • Cling film and foil
    • Tea towels
  • Washroom:
    • Accessories
    • Baby-changing
    • Sanitary products
    • Sanitary product vending machines
  • Commercial kitchen deep-cleaning services
  • Food storage solutions:
    • Food containers
    • Storage containers
  • Kitchen essentials:
    • Sanitiser
    • Washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets
    • Grease busters, degreasers and foaming oven cleaners
    • Scourers and cloths (microfibre and stockinette)
    • Kitchen roll and napkins
    • Multi-wipe roll

With world-class catering products from phs Direct, you can rest assured that your business is purchasing cost-effective products from the most varied choice available.

So, what about my business’s catering/food storage supplies?

phs don’t stop at cleaning supplies when it comes to ensuring our clients with catering needs are supplied with the best on the market: we can also provide you with top-quality food and catering storage solutions.

As the leading service provider for catering storage supplies in the nation, phs Teacrate moves in excess of 9 million crates per annum. With some of its specialist areas including catering, food processing and food distribution, phs Direct works with clients such as hotels, restaurants, the hospitality sector and more.

As expert food container specialists, phs Teacrate has a great range of food storage options—from plastic hygiene/multipurpose pallets and standard/deep food trays to folding or rigid (including ventilated) pallet boxes and multipurpose roll cages, phs Teacrate has something to fit your every food and catering storage need.

And, on top of providing the widest variety of food containers, storage containers and food storage solutions, phs Teacrate can also offer cardboard boxes and plastic crates, as well as logistics--so your every possible need is covered!

You’ve got your catering food supplies sorted: so, what next?

Now that you have your supplies sorted, why not check out our best cleaning tips to boost your food hygiene rating?

Speak to one of our brilliant account managers today to make sure your business has the best available for catering.