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Guide To Washroom Essentials

23 September 2021

Jennie Hollingsworth

Your business’ reputation doesn’t stop at the washroom door. Toilet facilities are a reflection of how well an organisation is run and, as such, should be kept clean and well-stocked. It’s not an easy job that in most cases requires attention throughout the day and unhindered access to soap, cloths, mops and other cleaning products. However, demonstrating this care for staff, customers and visitors by providing washroom essentials and clean sanitary equipment really does make them feel valued and gives your business a good name, so it’s worth the effort.

Constant restocking of sanitary products, toilet roll, handcare products, vending machines and air fresheners is a time-consuming aspect of washroom maintenance. In premises with several washrooms, containing lots of different pieces of sanitary equipment, like hand dryers, hair dryers and various dispensers, organising this can take up a large chunk of a site manager’s day.

Which is why it’s so important to ensure that stocks of all washroom essentials are readily available so that your commercial washrooms don’t become a deal breaker when it comes to signing a contract or gaining repeat custom.

What makes good commercial washrooms? Here are just a few of the washroom essentials that will help you make the right impression. Ensuring you have a good supply of these in your washroom and stockroom, or can acquire them swiftly from a trusted consumables supplier like phs Direct, will make your job in the washroom a lot easier, allowing you to dedicate time elsewhere in the building.

Cleaning your washroom

Regular washroom cleaning helps keep grime and bad odours at bay. Cleaning should also be carried out to keep health and safety hazards at bay, such as viruses and bacteria, and slippery water spills.

Cloths and wipes, mops and buckets, and other janitorial supplies will help keep your washroom looking good and staying safe.

The importance of cleaning changing tables properly

 Whilst all washroom furniture – including sinks, taps, toilets, chairs, dryers and dispensers – should be given thorough attention when cleaning, and with appropriate, non-hazardous products; special consideration should be given to baby changing tables. Now supplied in the majority toilet amenities, infant-changing facilities should be regularly and rigorously cleaned and disinfected. Changing tables often contain unseen faecal bacteria, urine, dribble and more, which can quickly become breeding grounds for a range of harmful bacteria that can cause illness, particularly to infants. It is essential, therefore, to minimise exposure to such substances using gentle, non-toxic products.

Since it is essential to clean changing tables after each use, a supply of products should be made available to customers to maintain a high level of cleanliness between inspections.

Stocking up with sanitary products

As site manager, you’ll know your organisation has a legal duty of care to provide a sanitary disposal service. Other sanitary products are also welcomed by washroom visitors for convenience and discretion, and can help make the job of cleaning easier. Environmental options also allow your business to boost its green credentials.

Steady supply of paper products

The absence of toilet rolls and paper towels is a big turn-off for washroom users. Keep stocked up so that you, your staff and visitors aren’t caught short. Ensuring that toilet roll and paper towel dispensers are kept clean and functional is also part of keeping your toilet facilities up to scratch. You can even choose dispensers with special finishes to complement washroom décor. 

Air fresheners that work

Keeping your washroom clean and well stocked with toilet rolls and sanitary products is just half the job. Bad odours can ruin washroom visits and leave a lasting impression on users. Make sure that when you are buying your mops, cloths and wipes that you don’t forget air fresheners. Using essential oils and propellant-free dispensers that can co-ordinate with other sanitary equipment will make every trip to your commercial washrooms more enjoyable.

Don’t forget men’s washrooms

Men’s toilet facilities are a particular challenge. Blocked urinals caused by uric acid and limescale build up make a real mess and can be expensive to fix.

Urinal products, such as phs Eco Shield, urinal screens and urinal cubes can help break down these washroom enemies, therefore removing the root of the problem. While some of these products also contain fragrances, the addition of air fresheners or odour neutraliser units is always welcome.

Commercial washrooms equipment

Both men’s and women’s loos benefit from the addition of other sanitary equipment.

Handcare dispensers for soap, sanitiser and moisturiser, as well as hand dryers, hair dryers, paper towel dispensers and vending machines, not only add convenience for washroom visitors but also help provide the means for them to maintain hygiene levels that will benefit the business and wider community. All these, the relevant consumables and other sanitary equipment designed to make a washroom visit altogether more enjoyable can all be ordered online at phs direct.

Dedicated staff

One thing that can’t be ordered online is the right staff to ensure that all of your washrooms are kept in top condition. Training may be required so that all operatives are able to correctly clean and service your washrooms but by keeping store rooms well stocked with washroom essentials, your staff will be well-armed for the task.

Order your washroom essentials quickly and easily online with the confidence of swift and safe delivery from phs Direct and you’ll soon be getting compliments on your toilet facilities.

Or get in touch for a free consumables audit to make sure that you are getting the best out of your washroom essentials budget.