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Keeping Your Business Eco-Friendly with The Right Cleaning Products

11 September 2023

Jennie Hollingsworth

All businesses have a responsibility to reduce their impact on the planet. From setting sustainability targets to saying goodbye to single-use plastics, there are a lot of different ways your business can be more eco-friendly. One significant area where this can be achieved is by using eco-friendly cleaning products.

By adopting greener cleaning practices, businesses of all sizes can help contribute to a cleaner planet, while also improving their reputation, attracting environmentally conscious customers, and even saving money. Making small but important changes can make the biggest difference to our planet, so why not start with these eight practical and effective ways your business can stay eco-friendly?

1. Switch to green cleaning products

One of the biggest and simplest changes you can make to your business is to switch to greener cleaning products. As we know, cleaning products contain various chemicals to help fight bacteria and produce effective cleaning results, but many of these chemicals can harm the environment.

Cleaning products have evolved significantly over the years, and new formulas can deliver effective cleaning power without the use of heavy chemicals such as chlorine. soluCLEAN is one of the brands making strides in this area through its soluble cleaning products, which are not only water-based, but are also made without plastic, meaning they’re effective at reducing the amount of plastic waste your business produces.

Check out the full range of soluCLEAN products available to buy at phs.

2. Avoid harmful chemicals

With more and more types of cleaning products available on the market today, it is possible to avoid using harsh chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine and phosphates. These types of products can be harmful to aquatic life and impact air pollution. By avoiding these chemicals and choosing more natural ingredients, your business could help reduce its impact on the environment.

3. Dilute cleaning solutions carefully

Not all cleaning products need to be used at their full strength. While it might seem like the most effective way to clean, it can lead to unnecessary waste and environmental harm. Diluting products will help them last longer and reduce the amount of product that ends up in the water.

Many soluCLEAN products are packaged in sachets that contain the exact amount of product you need, so you only use the recommended amount to help limit waste.

4. Invest in sustainable cleaning tools

It’s not just cleaning products that pose a threat to the environment, and cleaning tools can also cause a number of issues. Many cleaning tools, including brushes, contain plastics that are difficult to recycle, while single-use products such as wipes can have a significant impact on the planet. Switching to more sustainable cleaning tools including microfibre cloths, mops, etc will help you avoid single-use products, so that less ends up in landfills.

Always try to re-use products as much as possible to help reduce waste, and save money too.

5. Always recycle your waste where possible

Being strict with your recycling policies can help your business recycle as much waste as possible. Cleaning provides different types of waste, including plastic and cardboard waste, which can easily be recycled. Make sure there are adequate recycling bins around your workplace with instructions so that employees can dispose of waste properly.

Using refillable containers will also help you cut back on your waste, so consider switching to refillable bottles, jars, etc. so that your business has less to recycle.

6. Use eco-friendly washroom products

Eco-friendly cleaning doesn’t just apply to cleaning products. Switching your washroom supplies can also help you reduce your impact on the environment, while also helping your employees and customers limit their impact too. There are many useful soap and handcare solutions that can save waste (such as foaming handwash), while still helping users maintain effective hygiene. Consider the products you use carefully to help you make more responsible choices when it comes to your washroom.

7. Adjust your cleaning schedule

Did you know that making changes to your cleaning schedule could make a difference to your environmental impact? Being mindful of when and how often you clean can also contribute to eco-friendly practices. Is it possible to clean during off-peak hours when there are fewer people present? Doing this will also reduce your energy consumption by cleaning outside of peak energy tariff rates. Regular cleaning and maintenance can also help prevent the build-up of dirt and stains, reducing the need for intensive cleaning products that may contain harsher chemicals.

8. Implement policies and bring your employees on board

All employees should be made aware of your business’ eco-friendly cleaning practices. Explaining how and why you’re making changes can help educate staff on sustainability, while also encouraging them to make changes themselves. Provide training sessions on how to properly use and dispose of products, and encourage feedback and suggestions as to how you can further improve your practices. This helps generates a sense of shared responsibility and ownership that all of your employees can get on board with.

Want to switch to greener cleaning supplies? Shop phs Direct!

At phs, we’re always looking at ways we can help our customers make better choices to help the planet. One of the ways we do this is by offering eco-friendly cleaning solutions to help businesses and organisations cut back on their use of harmful chemicals, while also reducing waste.

By stocking brands such as soluCLEAN, we provide a wide choice of products to help you maintain high-cleaning standards, but with a low impact on the environment. Contact us to find out more about our products or place an order with phs Direct today.