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The Many Benefits of Disposable Plastic Gloves

12 September 2022

Jennie Hollingsworth

Plastic gloves are a common site in many industries and jobs. From healthcare settings to food preparation, plastic gloves have a number of uses to protect both the wearer and others from harmful substances.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, plastic gloves became even more widely used to prevent the virus from spreading. They are now featured in more workplaces and industries and are likely to continue to be used in the future. We’re used to seeing gloves being worn and are a crucial element of personal protective equipment (PPE) for many roles.

Take a look at some of the main benefits of disposable plastic gloves to see how they could be used in your workplace.

Where are plastic gloves used?

Disposable gloves are one of the most common types of protective gloves used in the UK. This is because plastic gloves are robust, easy to wear and provide great protection to the wearer. Some of the most common uses for disposable plastic gloves include:

  • Cleaning (both domestic and commercial)
  • Janitorial work
  • Food preparation
  • Care work
  • Beauty therapy (including beauty salons and hairdressers)
  • Clinical settings

Any work environment where someone may come into contact with a harmful substance can benefit from using disposable gloves to keep staff and visitors safe. People may also use them to keep their hands clean while doing other work such as painting, gardening, etc.

The benefits of disposable plastic gloves

There are many reasons to use disposable gloves in the workplace, including:

Protect skin from chemicals and harmful substances

Workers can come into contact with all kinds of harmful substances. From cleaning products to laboratory chemicals, there are substances that can cause a range of side effects on contact, from irritation to severe chemical burns. Using plastic gloves helps provide protection to the wearer which can prevent serious injuries.

Provide protection from biohazards

For those working with biohazards, wearing plastic disposable gloves could help stop the spread. Not only will wearing gloves protect the wearer but it’ll protect others too. During the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing gloves was one of the key measures put in place in many workplaces to help stop the spread of the virus.

Help ensure safe preparation of food

While regular and thorough hand washing is the recommended action to take to maintain food hygiene standards, many restaurants and food vendors will choose to use gloves when preparing food.

Wearing gloves can help prevent cross-contamination between products while also helping to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Promotes good hygiene standards

Wearing gloves promotes good hygiene standards, which in addition to hand washing can help keep work environments hygienic and clean.

Avoid fingerprint contamination

Plastic gloves can also be used to mask fingerprints in a variety of situations. From crime scenes to working with delicate items like glass, gloves can provide extra protection that will keep fingerprints at bay.

Demonstrate that you’re a responsible employer

There is a public perception of cleanliness when gloves are used. While washing hands is accepted as one of the most effective ways of controlling the spread of bacteria and diseases, people feel at ease seeing someone wearing gloves, especially when food is being prepared.


Plastic disposable gloves provide convenience to workers. They’re sold in large packs and can be used and replaced as and when needed to carry out various tasks. They’re an affordable solution for businesses to maintain hygiene standards while keeping employees safe.

Maintaining a constant supply of disposable gloves will help ensure your workers always have what they need to do their job safely.

Which gloves do you need?

There are a lot of different types of gloves available as part of essential PPE. The Health and Safety Executive has advice on how to choose the right gloves to protect skin which can be useful for several industries. Risk assessments should help determine the type of gloves needed to help control different risk factors.

Safe disposal of plastic gloves

While plastic gloves provide protection and help stop the spread of disease and bacteria, it’s important that they are disposed of correctly. Alongside other waste management recommendations for PPE, plastic gloves should be disposed of according to detailed guidance. For plastic disposable gloves used in clinical settings, there are specific guidelines to how each type of waste should be disposed of.

Plastic gloves provide protection to people, but it’s important that the environment is also protected to avoid causing damage.

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