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The Top 10 Must-Have Wholesale Cleaning Products For Office Spaces

08 November 2023

Jennie Hollingsworth

Maintaining a clean office is important at any time of year, but with Christmas on the way, you have even more reason to maintain a spotless space. Cleaning your office for the festive season is all part of the preparations – consider it an end-of-year clean!

With the end of the year in sight, it’s a good idea to consider the cleaning products you use and what you might need for the year ahead. Wholesale cleaning products will save you money while producing excellent results, ensuring you’ve always got the products you need in stock.

Get your office ready for the big Christmas clean with our guide to the top 10 must-have wholesale cleaning products for office space.

1. All-Purpose Cleaner

All-purpose cleaners are a versatile solution that’s easy to use to clean a variety of surfaces. They generally contain disinfectants to help keep areas sanitary, helping to maintain a clean and healthy workplace. Available in different formula types, including soluble solutions, sprays, and large-capacity containers, there are several options available according to your needs.

2. Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes are very useful to keep in offices and other workplaces. They can be used to wipe down desks and equipment – something that can be incredibly important for preventing the spread of viruses around the office in winter. You should make sure you have plenty of disinfectant wipes around the office so people can use them when needed. Encourage their regular use to help maintain high standards of hygiene.

3. Glass Cleaner

Offices feature more glass than you might realise. From windows to glass doors and walls, there are plenty of glass surfaces that need cleaning around your workplace. An effective glass cleaner will get rid of smears, fingerprint marks and dust, while keeping dust at bay for longer. With the right glass cleaner, your surfaces will be left spotless and shiny, ready to reflect your Christmas lights!

4. Hand Sanitiser

It’s incredibly useful to have hand sanitiser in your office and is now a much more common site since the COVID-19 pandemic. Hand sanitiser should be placed all around the office, in addition to common areas like washrooms and kitchens. Buying hand sanitiser refills can help ensure you always have what you need in stock ready to refill as necessary.

5. Bin Liners

Bin liners are another crucial office wholesale cleaning product. You can never have too many bin liners in stock as they’ll help you keep your office clean and will be great for clearing up waste post-Christmas. Make sure you have enough bin liners in different sizes to suit the various bin types around the office.

6. Kitchen Roll

Kitchen roll, or blue roll, and other types of paper towel, are very important for your office. They’ll help mop up spills and help people dry their hands after washing them, and plenty of other functions. Blue roll dispensers are very common in workplaces, and buying wholesale supplies will ensure you don’t run out unexpectedly.

7. Washroom Cleaners

It’s important to maintain clean, hygienic washrooms. A clean washroom can help your employees feel at ease, but they also help make a good impression on any guests who visit your office. Specialist washroom cleaning products can help maintain hygiene standards, while also leaving washrooms smelling pleasant. Wholesale washroom cleaning products provide excellent value, ensuring you’ve always got what you need for a fresh, clean bathroom.

8. Microfibre Cloths

When it comes to effective cleaning, there’s nothing better than a microfibre cloth. Microfibre cloths are hygienic, they’re great for clearing dust, and they can be washed to reuse over and over again. Ideal for all kinds of surfaces, especially glass and shiny surfaces, they’ll be a valuable tool to have in stock to keep your office clean.

9. Floor cleaner

Floorcare is very important in any office space. Floors become dirty easily thanks to heavy foot traffic, especially if it’s raining outside. Using an effective floor cleaner, you’ll be able to tackle general floor maintenance, as well as clear up any spills – something that could prevent an accident. Stock up on floor cleaning products to ensure you can always maintain a clean, hazard-free floor.

10. Air Fresheners

A pleasant smell can make a big difference to an office space – nobody wants to be distracted by odours after all! Air fresheners, especially automatic ones, are a simple solution to keeping your office smelling fresh. You could even look at some seasonal fragrances to bring a bit of Christmas into the workplace and get everyone into the festive spirit!

Wholesale cleaning products are an excellent way to keep your office fresh and clean this Christmas. There are many benefits of buying wholesale products, and by stocking up for the Christmas period, you can ensure you have everything you need to see you to the end of the year, and into the next one.

Explore our full product range and get your office ready for the festive season with phs Direct.