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Urinal Products Explained

18 January 2023

Jennie Hollingsworth

Catering for many users, it’s no surprise that washrooms look far different from our toilets at home and have a much greater array of provisions within them.


Most of us use a washroom and think little about these provisions, simply using them when needed and leaving. However, when you’re responsible for a washroom, suddenly you realise you probably need to know a little bit more such as ‘what’s the difference between a urinal screen and urinal shield’ – and ‘just what exactly is a urinal cake?’

In this handy guide to urinal products by phs Direct, we’ll fill you in on what’s what so you’ll no longer be bamboozled by your washroom shopping list.


  • Urinal Cake (also urinal cube, urinal block)

Two words that you perhaps thought you’d never see together, urinal and cake. Definitely not for consumption, these types of cakes are found at the bottom of urinals with the purpose of killing bacteria and reducing odour. They are designed to neutralise the ammonia-clad smell of urine as it passes down the drain.

Depending on the product, they can also have other properties such as their ability to stop the build-up of limescale deposits within drains and pipework. Urinal cakes come in a variety of colours from yellow to pink and they may be fragranced – for example, phs Direct’s Urinal Cubes have a fresh lemon scent.

Other names for urinal cake include urinal cubes, urinal blocks and even urinal cookies or urinal biscuits. As well as cleaning urinals and combatting odour, the Micrakleen Bio Blocks from phs Direct are fully biodegradable and contain harmless micro-organisms.


  • Urinal Screen

A urinal screen is a small, mat-like product which sits over the drain of a urinal. While covering the drain, it is full of holes which allow urine to pass through. Its job is to clean urinals and drains, eliminating the odour from urine. As well as acting as a barrier, it releases a pleasant fragrance; for instance the range at phs Direct include the scents of ‘linen breeze’, ‘apple and cinnamon’ and ‘citrus’. Choosing a urinal screen with an odour neutraliser means it’s not just masking the smell but actively removing it too. They also help to prevent blockages in urinals and uric salt build up in pipes.

Urinal screens are flexible, made from with a gel-like material ensuring they can mould to the shape of the urinal. Different urinal screens have different properties. The gel urinal screens from phs Direct are designed to be anti-splash and are made from an antibacterial and biodegradable material, releasing enzymes to clean the urinal and lasts for up to 30 days. Meanwhile the P-Screen Urinal Screen lasts for up to 60 days and has a deep bubble design for optimum splash-back protection. It is also fully recyclable.


  • Urinal Shield (also Urinal Sleeve)

Similar to a urinal screen, a urinal shield or sleeve is a mat which is also placed over the drain of a urinal. Its role is to prevent debris and rubbish such as toilet paper which has been discarded from going down the drain and causing blockages which can be very costly to resolve and result in mess, odour and inconvenience for washroom users. However, many also have a dual purpose such as deodorising and antibacterial cleaning properties. One of phs Direct’s urinal screens has a four-ounce enzymatic deodorant block with surfactants and chelating agents to clean and deodorise. With a floral perfume fragrance, it lasts for up to 2,000 flushes and has colouring agents which are released with each flush, so you know it is working. 

Meanwhile, the phs ECOSHIELD is a low-maintenance urinal sleeve which connects to the urinal trap to reduce blockages and keep pipework clear while being environmentally-friendly. With either a citrus or aquamarine fragrance, the ECOSHIELD has a Nurazyme bio-block which breaks down the build-up of uric salt using natural enzymes and friendly bacteria; tackling odours. The ECOSHIELD has been designed to work in conjunction phs’ FLOWSAVER URINAL to reduce water usage by as much as 70%. (See FLOWSAVER).



The FLOWSAVER URINAL is a market-leading water management system from phs which can reduce your organisation’s water usage by up to 70%; saving money on water bills and conserving water to boost your environmentally-friendly credentials. Most urinals have an automatic flush process, flushing every 15 to 30 minutes each day. However, this uses water around the clock even when the urinals are not being used. Using infrared technology to detect motion, the intelligent-flush controls of the FLOWSAVER URINAL mean your urinals are only flushing when needed. And you can also programme scheduled hygiene flushes if required. This can save as much as £800 on a washroom’s water bills a year and more than 300,000 litres of water annually. Designed to accompany the FLOWSAVER URINAL, the phs ECOSHIELD works to control any odours.


  • Urinal Cartridge

Urinal cartridges are used specifically for waterless urinals. These destroy smells and prevent the build-up of uric salts.


  • Renovator

A renovator is a fast-acting, heavy-duty toilet bowl and urinal cleaner that efficiently removes limescale, stains and other residues.



For all your washroom consumable needs, you can rely on phs Direct. With an online portal selling quality products with reliable, fast delivery visit us today.