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Where to find the best office cleaning supplies – and why

21 March 2022

Jennie Hollingsworth

After a turbulent two years, the return to office working is underway (again). But as staff re-enter offices, there is an increased onus on employers to improve the office environment.

The pandemic has thrust the importance of regular and thorough cleaning right into the limelight. Here we review why being on top when it comes to cleaning will benefit both businesses and staff alike.


What your office says about you

As an office space is a reflection of a company with a clean workspace exuding quality and demonstrating an employer cares about its workforce. A clean office not only looks presentable but is pleasant to spend time in which can have benefits such as improving productivity and even enhancing staff retention. A clean, tidy office is more professional and welcoming to customers and visitors; the alternative could send them running for the hills. 


Keeping staff healthy

A daily cleaning and disinfecting routine is essential to tackling the spread of germs and illnesses in the office. COVID-19 is obviously at the top of this list at the moment but the same applies to the usual colds, coughs, sickness bugs and flus which are easily spread in office environments. This is not only key to maintaining productivity by reducing sick days but most importantly to keep employees healthy and happy.


Building confidence

Failing to prioritise office cleaning could be judged as a failure to take infection control seriously and as well as leading to outbreaks of COVID-19 among staff. Demonstrating tough cleaning regimes to staff will help build reassurance that an employer is doing its utmost to protect them from the spread of COVID-19. This will go towards allaying concerns and building confidence which will help attract people back into the workplace.


Safer workplaces

A clean office inspires staff to take pride in their environment and they’ll be more likely to keep their own workspace tidy. Clutter and piles of papers can pose a fire risk so these should be kept at a minimum. Cleaning up spills and removing waste can also enhance workplace safety by reducing hazards. In inclement weather, the risk of slips, trips and falls increases due to wet, dirty floors. Therefore, upweight cleaning regimes in winter and during wet weather to minimise the risk and prevent accidents. Workplace matting can help to remove dirt and moisture from shoes, stopping it being walked across floors and through buildings.


Business cleaning supplies

For the most robust cleaning experience for your office, source reliable and effective professional cleaning products with a steady stock so you don’t get caught short. Choose products which are fit for purpose for the job at hand, whether its polishing floors, dusting desks, cleaning washrooms or sanitising surfaces. Ensure the user follows the instructions for each product. For instance, to be truly effective at disinfecting, some products may need to be left on for a short time before wiping; a quick wipe over just won’t cut it. And make sure the right product is being used for the task.


phs Direct supplies products and chemicals for every task and every environment. Our list of commercial cleaning products and equipment includes:


  • Multi-surface disinfectant, sanitiser, bleach, polish and window cleaner
  • Handwash, soap, hand sanitiser, toilet cleaner, bathroom cleaner as well as hand dryers, washroom vending, healthcare supplies and period products
  • Paper towels, wipes, toilet tissue, facial tissue, hygiene rolls and dispensers
  • Air freshener from hand-held sprays to wall-mountable dispensers
  • Floor sealer, carpet cleaner and stain remover
  • Dishwasher tablets, washing-up liquid, tea towels and detergent
  • Chewing gum and label remover, degreaser, descaler and oven cleaner
  • Gloves, masks and protective workwear
  • Bin bags, cloths, brushes, mops, signage, vacuum cleaners and even litter pickers and first aid equipment


Products can be bought individually or in bulk to meet the needs of your workplace. No matter what cleaning products or janitorial supplies you need for your office, phs Direct has you covered.


For more details on our range and commitment to you, visit our cleaning pages.