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Essential First Aid at Work

17 November 2021

Jennie Hollingsworth

First Aid Kit Essentials

All businesses should be taking care to avoid injury to staff and visitors on their premises but sometimes accidents happen that require a quick response from your business’ First Aider. This emergency First Aid at work can be carried out using a few First Aid Kit essentials, and can minimise the after effects of an unexpected incident.

According to Health and Safety Regulations, basic First Aid Kits, appropriate equipment and First Aiders should be provided in workplaces of all sizes to allow immediate action in case of injury or illness. For quick access, First Aid Kits should be located throughout your premises in easy to reach but secure areas.

What’s in a First Aid Kit?

The activities and circumstances of your workplace will dictate your First Aid Kit list and the number of First Aiders required, as well as whether you’ll need a dedicated First Aid room. It isn’t obligatory for your organisation to be able to supply First Aid for visitors to site, however, you may find that the nature of your work, such as sports centre or children’s play place may require access to first aid kits for the treatment of customers.

You must carry out a First Aid Needs Assessment to ascertain what your First Aid Kit essentials should be.

A basic first aid kit may include:


Where’s the best place to get First Aid Kit supplies?

Once you know what should be in a First Aid Kit, you’ll want to keep it well stocked using a quality and reliable supplier. As part of the phs Group, phs Direct not only supplies First Aid consumables to businesses throughout the UK, including plasters, bandages, blue plasters and eye wash, they can also supply handy First Aid Kits for 10, 20 or 50 people.

We offer free standard delivery on orders over £125, to keep your business’ First Aid Kit contents up to date and available in the unfortunate case of accident.

How to become a First Aider

You must appoint a person to look after First Aid Kit contents, equipment and the First Aid room, if applicable at your premises. Duties should also include calling an ambulance in case of emergency. While this appointed person doesn’t legally have to have First Aid training, it may reassure you and your staff if there is a qualified First Aider available during all business hours.

A First Aid Certificate can demonstrate proficiency in administering First Aid and can be awarded at one of many First Aid Courses. Often run by organisations, such as St John’s Ambulance and the Red Cross, First Aid at work courses usually last 2 or 3 days with a requalification course required every 3 years. Specialities, such as paediatric First Aid Certificates or First Aid training for Sports, are also available.

If one of your staff wants to know how to become a First Aider, they should make enquiries at one of these certified organisations who may also be able to provide group discount or on-site First Aid training. Your staff may also be able to obtain their First Aid certificate from a local supplier, however, please ensure that they check credentials before signing up.

Contact phs Direct today or set up an account to ensure that you’re covered when it comes to First Aid Kit essentials.