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Why Use Blue Paper For Cleaning

26 April 2023

Jennie Hollingsworth

No matter what sector you’re in, blue roll is likely to be a familiar sight.

The trusty blue roll, which you may know as blue paper, blue paper roll, centrefeed roll or even catering roll, is relied upon for a multitude of uses from soaking up spills to hand wiping. And not least, for cleaning too. But how has it become such a common cleaning product and why? Is it really that indispensable that it has effectively infiltrated cleaning cupboards up and down the county?

In this article, phs Direct looks at some of the benefits of blue roll to discover just why it is so widely used.

Blue paper roll is absorbent: Ideal for soaking up spillages and liquids, blue roll is highly absorbent – and more so depending on which type you buy. Blue roll is available in various thicknesses, depending on how absorbent you need it which is measured by the number of sheets per layer, known as ‘ply’. Blue roll usually comes in 1-3 ply, 3ply being the thickest in the range for when you need the best quality and highest absorbency, making it more effective at cleaning up spills and meaning you use less sheets overall. 

Blue paper roll is tough: As well as absorbent, blue roll is strong and resilient. It is highly durable and retains its strength when wet, making it suitable for all applications even where normal tissues and paper towels would fall apart.

Blue paper roll is versatile and multi-purpose: There are a multitude of uses for blue paper roll and it is suitable for every sector, such as industrial, commercial, hospitality, retail, food, catering, healthcare and cleaning. Not only can it be used for spillages, but it can also be used to sanitise surfaces when used in conjunction with an antibacterial spray as well as handwashing, drying utensils and equipment, absorbing oil and grease, and cleaning. Damp blue roll is even used under chopping boards to stop them slipping for food prep. The list is endless.

Blue paper roll is hygienic: When cleaning, cloths are not always suitable for the task at hand when it comes to hygiene. Cloths can spread bacteria and contaminate other areas and even other rooms if you use the same cloth throughout. Only by washing the cloth at 90 degrees will you kill germs which isn’t going to happen mid task. Therefore, using a single-use paper roll can be much more hygienic by eliminating the risk of cross contamination.

Blue paper roll leaves a streak-free finish: Once you’ve cleaned what should be a shiny surface, the last thing you want is to leave it streaky which can look unattractive and even like it’s still dirty. A great attribute of blue roll is that it is non-abrasive and leaves your surfaces streak free. So, whether you’re cleaning windows, mirrors, glass, chrome, metal or glass, using blue paper roll will help you get that polished shiny finish you’re aiming for.

Blue paper roll is convenient for dispensing: If you’re a regular user of blue roll, you may want to install a dispenser so it can be accessed easily and conveniently. For this, all you need to do is remove the card core within the centrefeed and inset it into a dispenser. This not only means it’s there waiting to be used whenever you need it but also means it keeps the rest of the roll clean and intact which is particularly handy if you’ve got wet or dirty hands. To remove the core from the blue roll, place it on a flat surface and look down inside it to find the perforated spiral within. Pull it apart using your thumbs and tear it. Then you can simply pull it out. Voila!

Blue paper roll is easily distinguishable: What undoubtedly makes blue roll stand out is its distinctive colour. And it’s not just blue because it might look good. There are several reasons why blue paper roll is blue, including that it makes it easier to differentiate which is useful in certain environments for cross contamination purposes such as in kitchens, the food industry and healthcare. Also, it can be a little more discreet for delicate clean-up jobs in public places as the colour of the spillage or stain doesn’t stand out as much against blue.

Blue paper roll is eco-friendly: Used blue roll isn’t usually recyclable as it’s classed as contaminated so it must be disposed of in the general waste stream. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not eco-friendly. It’s not only biodegradable but many blue rolls are made of recycled paper rather than needing to source new, raw materials to produce it. What’s more, as there is a finite number of times paper can be recycled, there becomes a point where the fibres are so short it cannot be recycled again. Products like blue roll are made from paper which has already been recycled several times already and therefore are helping to maximise the lifespan of the materials. When you’re buying blue roll, make sure the product you’re buying is made from recycled paper.

Whether you’re looking for a single roll of blue roll or to fully stock your store cupboard as well as all your other workplace consumable provisions, visit phs Direct today. We work across the public and private sectors and have a complete range of products for every workplace consumable need from washroom and healthcare supplies to cleaning and housekeeping. Ask about our free consumables audit which helps review your consumable buying patterns to maximise procurement as well as identifying the most innovative, sustainable and cost effective products.