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Your Guide To Keeping Baby Changing Stations Clean For New Mothers And Fathers

20 April 2022

Jennie Hollingsworth

Providing baby changing facilities is a positive way for businesses to make their buildings welcoming and family-friendly. And while it’s great to offer a space that’s private and comfortable for parents, it’s important that the space remains clean and hygienic to ensure safe use.

We’ve put together some useful guidance for keeping baby changing stations clean for new mothers and fathers. Explore the following tips to help your business maintain its baby changing facilities.


Consider the layout of your facilities carefully

The design of your facilities can help make them easier to keep clean. If you can, allow as much space as possible to fit in everything a parent could need. A wall-mounted changing table can be an effective way to save space, while also allowing plenty of room to clean and manoeuvre around the facilities.

Safety seats are also a fantastic addition to any baby changing facility. They allow parents with multiple children to help them sit down, making things a little easier to juggle when nature calls!  


Maintain a cleaning schedule

A cleaning schedule is one of the most effective ways to ensure your facility remains clean throughout the day. If a room is used multiple times a day, it can soon end up neglected if it’s not checked regularly. Having a rota that ensures the room is serviced at regular intervals will help maintain standards and reduce the risk of complaints from parents.


Use effective, safe products

Maintaining hygiene is important for a baby changing facility. The space should be safe to use and free from dirt. A baby changing table sanitiser can help parents keep the area clean whilst they’re using it.

All touchable areas need to be carefully cleansed and sanitised, using disinfectant products. Ensure the products you use are effective at eliminating bacteria to make the space clean for every user.

Avoid using corrosive products that can wear down metal and other materials over time. This can impact the look of your changing facilities and mean that hardware and other items will need replacing more frequently.

Have an efficient waste disposal system

Having the right waste disposal systems will help parents who use your baby changing facilities to dispose of their unwanted waste, and do it responsibly. With a nappy disposal bin that’s clearly visible and easily accessed, people using your facilities will be less likely to try and flush waste and cause blockages and flooding.

Make sure you have appropriate signage to advise parents on what to do with their waste, and ensure waste disposal units are emptied regularly.


Make the space pleasant and comfortable

Baby changing facilities can have a bad reputation, but you’ve got the chance to create a modern, clean space that gives parents the privacy they need to take care of their children. By having tasteful décor and a pleasant fragrance, you could make big improvements that will make parents feel more comfortable when using them. Items like vending machines for emergency product supplies can be very useful, as well as nappy bag dispensers will give parents the help they need to take care of their babies, and leave the space cleaner too.

When you maintain your baby changing facilities, you can help your customers enjoy a hygienic and comfortable space that they can feel good about using. Baby changing facilities make things much easier for parents and will reflect positively on your business. At phs, we specialise in helping businesses maintain excellent hygiene standards, from baby changing units to floorcare and more. Explore our baby changing services and let us help you transform your facilities.